eecardCyberscan works with morphogenetic energy and fields. It can pinpoint any disturbances to the client and imprint the scalar information onto the eeCard protecting the client from electrosmog and geopathic stress.

Cyberscan’s eeCard works on the morphogenetic level, which is the “form-holding” energy around every living cell, organ, body, planet, star, etc. The Cyberscan is capable of comparing disturbances from any electric, electro-magnetic or geopathic source with a sample of a client’s morphogenetic DNA field (hair, blood or urine sample) with the information from the Cyberscan’s Environmental Database.

By doing so, Cyberscan can pinpoint any disturbances to the client’s personal morphogenetic field encryption pattern,
store it in the Result Database, and imprint that information via “Tesla Scalar-Wave” imprinting technology onto the Cyberscan eeCard. By saving the morphogenetic “footprint” of the client, together with the found information onto the Cyberscan eeCard, the client will be protected from disturbance caused by electric, electromagnetic or geopathic sources.

The result is an improvement of the overall wellbeing, better sleep and the client will be protected from the “Invisible 3”. The Cyberscan eeCard can be placed underneath the mattress (at the foot of the bed), workplace chair or carried in the pocket of your clothes. Other benefits include:

– Reduced effects of EMF radiation
– Enhanced mental function/alertness
– Reduced stress and fatigue
– Reduce jet-lag
– Improve immune system function