Purchase a CyberScan

Pricing until May 15, 2019 (10 year CyberScan anniversary pricing):

United States & all other countries except Europe, Australia, New Zealand = $24,500 ($29,500 after May 15, 2019)

Europe – Euro 19,900 (Euro 23,500 after May 15, 2019)

Australia and New Zealand – AU$ 29,900 (AU$ 36,000 after March 15, 2019)

Please note:

  1. The purchase of a CyberScan system includes training:
    • Training is included in two forms – Online training and training with the developer of the technology.  We can also help you get oriented with the CyberScan.
  2. The CyberScan can be also used to scan a client by using a very small hair sample by mail.  This allows one to more efficiently support additional clients.
  3. Online demos are available for review purposes.
  4. Once purchased systems usually ship within 2 days.

Thank you very much for choosing CyberScan!!

For more information please call 720.439-4112, or you can contact us at info@quantumbalance.net.