Purchase a CyberScan


Pricing until the end of 2018 (10 year CyberScan anniversary):

United States & all other countries except Europe, Australia, New Zealand = $24,500 ($29,500 after December 31, 2018)

Europe – Euro 19,900 (Euro 23,500 after December 31, 2018)

Australia and New Zealand – AU$ 29,900 (AU$ 36,000 after December 31, 2018)

Please note:

  1. The purchase of a CyberScan system includes:
    • Training in the form of basic training, digital training online, and training with the developer.
    • Customer service from the developer
    • Two year warranty
  2. The CyberScan can be also used to scan a client by using a very small hair sample by mail.  This allows one to more efficiently support additional clients from all over the country.
  3. Online demos are available for review purposes.
  4. Once purchased systems usually ship within 2 days.

Thank you very much for choosing CyberScan!!  For more information please call 720.439-4112, or you can contact us at info@quantumbalance.net.