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CyberScan is the preferred choice here.  Without using drugs and other remedies, energy information is used to communicate directly with the immune system of the animal which is stimulated to heal itself. Such a method is less expensive than conventional methods in many cases.  Moreover, it is extremely effective and can be safely used even in bio-stocks.

Protect your pets, your livestock investment, your food sources, your racehorse with Cyberscan Quantum Immune Balancing.

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Environmental medicine, environmental engineers, Geopathic practitioners – For you, an extensive library of signals from the areas of electromagnetic pollution and Geopathy makes the CyberScan an excellent tool.

With agriculture, on the one hand, increasingly higher yields are being obtained from increasingly shrinking areas.

On the other hand, the producer has to bear the increasing costs of fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and license fees for genetic seeds. Many producers do not want to be at the mercy of the large companies supplying genetic seeds. Others have realized that an increased use of chemicals is neither good for the product nor for the soil. In addition, a growing change in consumer demands cannot be ignored either.

Organic food will play an increasingly important role in the future, and there is a major push to label genetically modified crops.

CyberScan is an option for using the energy reserves and possibilities of plants naturally and thus in an environmentally friendly manner. The self-healing powers of plants enable them to ward off pests. They simply need immune support at times. A fully functional energy system enables the plant not only to absorb nutrients properly but also to utilize them optimally.

2.6 billion people are dependent on the food production industry. More and more people need nourishment. Presently more than 800 million people are starving. Mono-cultural intensive cultivation was successful in the previous decades by using a lot of energy and capital, however, environmental costs were never included in the calculations. Even the diversity of useful crops was reduced dramatically in order to give the preference to a few plants that were adapted to the new “Power-agricultural system” and mass growing operations.

There is a large movement toward local, small farming for good reason. There is too much risk in large agriculatural operations due to their practices, and incredible amounts to gain by more sustainable natural practices.

Some other uses:

Large trees
Expensive landscaping