Frequently asked questions

“he day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.  To understand the true nature of the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration

Nikola Tesla

Where can I receive sessions?

Sessions can be done in person or remotely via use of a biological sample (usually hair).  Therefore we can assist persons from any geography .  We may also be able to travel to your location.  We are located in Boulder County, Colorado and work out of two locations, one in the town of Boulder and in Louisville, CO.  Phone number 303.652.7770.

What is Cyberscan?

The Cyberscan is an advanced biofeedback device made 100% in Germany utilizing state-of-the-art proprietary bio-cybernetic technology based upon the works of experimental physicist Nikola Tesla and Princeton Engineering Anomaly Research (P.E.A.R.). In our opinion, Cybernetic Biofeedback using the CyberScan has nothing to do with “alternative” medicine. It is completely consistent with all the laws of physics and, in particular, can be explained by quantum physics.

The Cyberscan quickly scans the morphogenetic energy fields of a person, determines where the stressors are and creates a 100% natural remedy that communicates with the immune system to detect and address those imbalances.

Morphogenetic Field Repatterning is the most organic form of self-healing for it is based upon the laws of transharmonic (multidimensional) physics and scalar waves, the fabric of creation. Morphogenetic comes from the word “morphogenesis” (from the Greek word “morphê ” for “shape” and genesis for creation: beginning of the shape). These form-holding fields are the organic imprints for health essential connection between the Cosmos, man and matter.

How does Cyberscan work?

Cyberscan works exclusively with the person’s immune system. Our immune system exists to protect us from all kinds of illnesses, even against body cells that have degenerated and which can eventually turn into tumors and carcinoma.

Why is it that we humans – despite continual improvements in diet and medical care and a more comfortable lifestyle – are forced to battle against ever more illnesses and degenerative conditions?

We are constantly being told that our immune system is “weak”, and that we should strengthen it with commercially available products, etc..  In our experience, an immune system is disturbed when, for example, it is exposed to electromagnetic fields, magnetic fields, negative emotions, emotional traumas, chemicals, pesticides/herbicides, work stress, money stress, geopathic stress, radiation and other negative environmental influences. Many imbalances, such as viruses and cancerous cells, are able to hide and disguise themselves so as not to be detected by the immune system. The immune system becomes like a blindfolded boxer: still strong, but blind.  Cyberscan restores its sight by:


  • Measuring the morphogenetic energy field of the client; and
  • Showing the causes of illnesses and disturbances to the immune system so that our immense innate intelligence can be brought to bear on the imbalance.
How does the Cyberscan address physical issues?

The Cyberscan addresses them from a multi-layered approach: energetic, mental, emotional and physical. In order to affect the physical aspect of a cell, you must first address the morphogenetic field surrounding the cell. In order to re-pattern and reprogram the morphogenetic field surrounding a cell, organ, functional system or body, the energetic-mental-emotional-physical components must be addressed simultaneously.

Who can benefit from Cyberscan?

Everyone can benefit from Cybernetic Biofeedback. Most people report biofeedback sessions to be relaxing, soothing and beneficial. Yucha and Montgomery (2008), in their article “Evidence Based Practice in Biofeedback and Neurofeedback” published in The Journal of Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback summarized the most current and complete medical research based on scientific rigor and consistency of outcome on biofeedback benefits and efficacy with the following health related issues.

“Over time, stress leads to serious health problem.  Don’t wait until then to combat stress.  Start learning stress management techniques now.” -Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

Can this change the aging process?

Many of our stressors contribute dramatically to the aging process. As we rebalance our physical, emotional, and mental bodies, through minimizing or eliminating environmental stress, mental and emotional stress, and other toxic impacts we eliminate many of the factors that age our physical body.

What are scalar waves?

A scalar wave is a transharmonic, standing wave array that radiates out of a static point of sound-light vibration within the Morphogenetic Field of the Greater Cosmic Unified Field of consciousness (energy). While scalar waves appear to move from place to place, in actuality they are fixed point of light-sound, sequentially threaded together within the cosmic fabric of the morphogenetic field. The expression of the scalar wave movement is created through the sequential “flashing on” (light) and “flashing off” (sound) of scalar wave points, which emanate the effect of a flashing linear series of light bulbs. Imagine viewing an electronic advert billboard in Times Square, New York City. Although it appears as if the contents of the electronic billboard is moving, in reality it is the row of a synchronized series of flashing light bulbs that appears as if the light moves from one point in the row to another.

How do scalar waves differ from electromagnetic waves?

Scalar waves represent static points of eternal fission-fusion that radiate from the fabric of the morphogenetic field and do not travel. Electromagnetic waves do travel and the farther the distance traveled, the weaker they become. Professor Konstantin Meyl of Germany has written numerous books about scalar waves. Dr. Meyl described how field vortices form scalar waves. He described how electromagnetic waves (transverse waves) and scalar waves (longitudinal waves) both should be represented in wave equations. For comparison, transverse EM waves are best used for broadcast transmissions like television, while longitudinal scalar waves are better for one-to-one communication systems like cell phones.

What are morphogenetic fields?

Morphogenetic Fields are composed of conscious sound and light matrices (or lattices) that function as cosmic blueprints upon which consciousness manifests and materializes into matter. All forms of consciousness and matter hold a morphogenetic (form-holding) imprint consisting of crystalline, electro-tonal energetic substance arranged in specific frequency patterns. This includes cosmic, galactic, solar system, planetary and human bodies. Morphogenetic Fields are also known as Scalar Fields consisting of interwoven patterns of consciousness that express and form Vertical Scalar Waves. For example, when someone physically loses their arm or leg, sometimes they can still feel it there and this is known as feeling their “phantom” limb. In reality, they are feeling the morphogenetic energy field of their lost limb.

What is measured with Cyberscan?

Flat coils are located in the contact platform. These have the property to reduce electrical and mainly magnetic fields to zero. Technically they are also used in heating coils for laboratory equipment, if magnetic fields are not supposed to be generated. This is a known techno-scientific effect. These coils also have the property to transmit energy through a physical path and this discovery can be traced back to the experimental physicist Nikola Tesla who discovered alternating current. The hitherto explanatory models assume that a so-called longitudinal wave is released from these coils, which has the property to be space-time-transcendental amongst others, that is spatial distances can be covered without loss of time. In CyberScan, electromagnetic oscillation (vector) is not transmitted but purely informational (scalar), hence the term scalar wave/ scalar field. As the entire organism is represented in the reflex zones of the palm, we assume that with the information obtained from the palm, we have a sample that represents the entire organism, similar to blood or hair samples, which we can scan through the contact platform.


What are the benefits of receiving Cyberscan sessions?
  1. Reduced stress and nervousness
  2. Improved physical illnesses and imbalances
  3. Improved sleep and dream recall
  4. Enhanced mental clarity, memory and focus
  5. Improved energy
  6. Reduced depression
  7. Enhanced muscle mobility and coordination
  8. Reduced aging process
  9. Reduced emotional imbalances
  10. Reduced spiritual imbalances
  11. Addictions (drugs, food, alcohol, sex, and more)
  12. Reduced weight imbalances
How many sessions will a person need?

Each session is equivalent to peeling the layers of an onion until you reach the core issue. Obviously, each person is different but it has been discovered that it takes approximately 6 sessions at two week intervals (3 months total) for the body to move into a greater state of balance. Many people choose to complete another series of 6 or 12 sessions depending on the imbalances they are experiencing.

Ideally, one will proceed long enough to achieve significant regeneration of their systems as well.

Normally, it takes the immune system two weeks to assimilate and actualize the new balancing information. For persons with more acute and chronic problems, weekly sessions are suggested.

How will I feel after sessions?

Usually there is an initial aggravation of symptoms known as the cleansing reaction.  This is a good sign as it indicates an increase in immune activity. The aggravation can last from a few hours to a few days. It includes tiredness and flu-like feelings as the body detoxifies. It should be left to settle on its own accord without the use of suppressant medications.

Following the initial reaction, clients usually report a sense of energy moving in their body, and a steady improvement in their sense of vitality and well-being.

Follow-ups are typically done after two weeks. Results of the scan are compared to the previous readings, and progress is noted, and new priorities are selected. Aggravations are usually much less intense with follow-up sessions.